Columbus Realtors is a professional trade association comprised of over 7,600 real estate professionals in six counties within central Ohio.

“They are extremely good with detail. They even caught a few things that the architect overlooked and they worked together to resolve them.”

This four-month project was the first major renovation of their office which was built in 1994. Renovation plans affected the lower level and first floor with additional minor renovations on the second floor.

The basement was completely gutted, the membership training lab and staff of 27 had to be moved around within the building, and building access had to be maintained through the renovation of the lobby for a high volume of daily visitors.

Project Highlights:

  • 13,500 SF
  • Added two new restrooms in basement
  • Three phases designed for minimal interruption to staff and business

Like any project, the Columbus REALTORS® renovation involved changes and unexpected developments throughout the three phases that were planned to minimize the dust, debris, and disruption for staff and visitors.

“In fact, we realized that we needed to add restroom renovation to the project, including the addition of two new restrooms,” says Corey Skinner. “That’s at least 14 more days of work, but Lehman Daman added in the restroom renovation without changing the overall schedule.”

A particular challenge emerged in the lower level where the existing ductwork failed to support the new heating and cooling installation. Lehman Daman worked with the owner, the HVAC contractor, the architect, and the engineer to re-design the duct distribution system and the ceiling heights to make it fit within the existing space.

Throughout the project, Lehman Daman made sure that Columbus REALTORS® stayed on schedule and conducted business as usual. “They really worked well around the staff. It was all positive. There were no complaints. They kept on schedule,” says Skinner.

“I give them a lot of credit for seeing potential problems and figuring out how to make the project work,”

– Corey Skinner
Senior Vice President Administration
Columbus Realtors