Since 1946, We’ve Put the Emphasis on Service

Our core philosophy manages design and construction for the best results.

Lehman Daman Construction Services, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, began in 1946 as a design/build custom home construction firm. Founder, Jon C. Lehman, Jr. believed that designing and constructing could best be accomplished for the owner if the functional design phase and the cost-effective construction phase were established within the same organization. According to Jon, if the architect and the contractor were able to work together, the owner would be rewarded with a functional facility that utilized the best cost-effective construction methods and that would be completed in the shortest possible time while maintaining the high quality standards required by satisfied customers.

With this philosophy, the residential construction business was so successful that owners began asking Mr. Lehman to conduct their commercial construction, also. Within just a few years, the demand for commercial and industrial construction led Lehman Construction to focus exclusively on their new market.

Jon “Mike” Lehman joined the firm in 1968 after graduating from Ohio State University and serving two years in the United States Army. He worked in various positions within the company and took over as President in 1973.

A second generation of the highest standards.

In 1975, after seeing that the construction business was in capable hands, Jon C. Lehman, Jr. decided to retire. Thus began the second generation of Lehman Construction, Inc.

Under Mike’s guidance, the company continued to grow with strength in design/assist construction techniques. Carefully controlling the growth allowed the Ohio construction company to retain its “hands on” personal approach to each individual project that has become the hallmark of Lehman Daman service.

Expanding with the addition of a new partner, Jim Daman.

In 1995, Jim Daman joined the firm as Vice President to expand the firm’s client base and focus on design/build projects. With a degree in architecture, Jim has developed a niche in the construction arena for presenting a cost effective building delivery system, yet maintaining aesthetic qualities and architectural features. In 2004, Jim Daman took full ownership of the company and the name was changed to Lehman Daman Construction Services, Inc.

As a general contractor and construction management firm, Lehman Daman Construction Services, Inc. of Columbus Ohio has a wide diversity of clients ranging from corporate offices, warehouses, manufacturing, retail, religious and medical facilities.

Rudolph Libbe Companies Inc. brings the advantages of a full-service team.

In December of 2013, Rudolph Libbe Companies Inc. acquired a controlling interest in Lehman Daman Construction Services, Inc.

As a member of the Rudolph Libbe Group of companies, Lehman Daman can now offer the advantages of a full-service team that includes specialty process design / build, power generation and energy optimization, and property selection and management — so our customers can stay with the name they trust, no matter their business need.

Continuing commitment to service and excellence.

Throughout our growth and management changes, Lehman Daman has continued to be true to the original guiding principles of the original firm. We maintain high standards for quality of work and keeping projects in budget. For most projects, one of the principals of the company attends construction job meetings. This management approach allows for quick decisions and sends a strong message that the construction management team cares about every single project.


Jim Daman joined as Vice President


Jon C. Lehman retires


Mike Lehman became president


Mike Lehman joined the firm