Lehman Daman Construction Services Named Starrco Dealer

Lehman Daman Construction Services has been selected as the primary authorized Starrco dealer for sustainable modular office components in Ohio and eastern Michigan.

Starrco Modular Building systems have been providing sustainable modular office solutions since 1965. With more customers interested in sustainability and flexibility, Starrco Modular Building systems provide recycled and repurposed material to the solutions Lehman Daman already offers.

“Starrco’s environmentally conscious systems offer our customers flexibility and tax-advantages. Lehman Daman is very excited to add Starrco Module Builders to our portfolio of effective building solutions” – Lehman Daman President Jim Daman

Offering a wide variety of modular building systems – Starrco systems are frequently used in distribution centers and manufacturing sites. The systems’ engineered design allows two-story building construction with no need for a mezzanine and materials come completely finished and require no sanding or painting.

All of Starrco’s modular office buildings support environmental efforts, with materials such as gypsum board made of post-consumer materials and paper facing made of 100% recycled material. Modular office buildings are composed of 70 percent reclaimed aluminum or scrap metal framework.

When the systems need to be changed, Starcco products are designed for reconfiguration and re-use, with 95 percent of the materials able to be salvaged, leaving no additional contribution to landfills.

For more information visit www.starrco.com